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Lunch Special
Available daily from 11:30AM - 3:00PM
served with miso soup, salad and steamed rice (except sushi entrees).

Sushi Rolls (2 rolls)
choose from “Sushi Roll & Handrolls” column10.50
Sushi Rolls (3 rolls)choose from “Sushi Roll & Handrolls” column12.50
Sushi Lunch 1 (11pcs) 
5pcs salmon sushi and 6pcs California roll11.99
Sushi Lunch 2 (12pcs) 
1 pc each tuna, salmon, tai, kani, ebi, and tamago sushi,
6pcs California roll
Sashimi Lunch (12pcs) 
2pcs each tuna salmon, tai, butterfish, hokkigai and kani sashimi13.50
Lunch Bento Box 1 
served with rice, vegetable tempura, gyoza, fruit,
choice of teriyaki chicken, salmon or beef
Lunch Bento Box 2
served with rice, assorted tempura, 6pcs California roll, deep fried tofu
choice of teriyaki chicken, salmon or beef
Tempura Lunch 
served with rice, deep fried shrimp and vegetable tempura 9.50
Teriyaki Lunch 
served with rice, vegetable with choice of teriyaki salmon or chicken or beef
Katsu Lunch 

served with rice, choice of deep fried breaded pork or chicken
served with tonkatsu sauce & stir fried vegetable & teriyaki sauce
Udonchoice of vegetable, beef, or chicken in broth8.99
General Tao's Chicken served with rice 10.50